Hello and thank you for discovering Lisa’s Automatic Learners.
I started off my advanced driving instructor career teaching manual transmission to my pupils and that all important task of “ finding the biting point “ ! You know the one where you have to lift the clutch and press the gas in equal measures to make the car go forward avoiding jerking or stalling the car !  

Why be confused at controlling 3 pedals when you only need 2 to drive ! No option for stalling the car ! What’s not to like

Why put yourself through this pain when the upward trend and demand to learn is now in an Automatic car. It is forever becoming a very popular choice amongst learners of all ages as it is the way of the future where nearly all Hybrid and Electric cars are being designed and produced with automatic transmission , this gives a more comfortable relaxing driving style with less stress and anxiety .

 I specialise in helping the most nervous of learners to remain calm and overcome all your apprehensions about driving on the roads and performing all road manoeuvres. I bring understanding and compassion to what can be a very stressful time when learning to drive on today's difficult and confusing road systems.
Having passed my test many years ago at 17 I now have a great deal of empathy for the learners of today which is why I am totally committed to train to a very high standard , not only to pass your test but to continue with your learnt skills to drive safely through your whole driving lifetime. I am also deeply passionate to help reduce the levels of fatalities on our ever increasingly over populated roads.