The following terms and conditions sets out the areas and requirements which a pupil must agree to for the provision of services in
relation to the driving lessons which is provided.

1. General Conduct
As a professional driving instructor I operate with professionalism and maintain ethical statics at all times. I am courteous, polite, tidy
and punctual. The car use in training will be well maintained, clean and tidy. The car used is fitted with dual-controls as part of the
required standard equipment and is fully insured for driving tuition.
There is a no smoke , no eating policy during tuition, neither is there any use of your lesson time to conduct other forms of business,
personal or otherwise.
2. Qualifications
As a qualified driving instructor I am licensed by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to give driving tuition which has involved
passing strict tests and a DBS check. An ADI Standards check is also conducted to assess my ability to teach pupils. 
3. Driving Licence and Eyesight
You, the PUPIL, must hold a current, valid driving license (provisional or full), which must be produced on or in advance of your first
lesson for authenticity. You are also required to read a car registration plate at a distance of 20.5 meters (i.e. 67 feet - about 5 car lengths)
with or without glasses/contact lenses. If these are normally worn you must wear them during each lesson. If you fail to read a
registration plate correctly in the first lesson you will be unable to continue and no refund will be deemed returnable.
4. Payments
Payments must be made in advance of all training lesson as stated below:
Pay As You Go Lessons : Cash or Bank Transfer
*All lessons are to be paid for in advance, therefore on the 1st Lesson 2 payments are to be paid to cover the 1st and 2nd lesson.
When booking the 3rd lesson payment is required at the same time.
Block Booking : Cash or Bank Transfer
*Payment must be received 1 week before the start of the lesson and again when booking further block lessons.
Intensive 1 Week course: Cash or Bank Transfer
*To book a course, a 50% deposit is required to confirm the booking followed by the remaining 50% to be paid 2 weeks before
the start of the course. If the course is due to start within 4 weeks, the full course fee is payable on booking.
*The deposit or any subsequent training fees paid are non- refundable in the event you decide to cancel the training once the booking
has been accepted and confirmed with the start date agreed. Where block bookings or courses are paid for in advance and you fail
to turn up or decide to cancel half way through the course, no refund will be made. At this point a binding agreement is made
between yourself and me the instructor. This does not in any way affect your statutory rights to be provided with the services you have
*All outstanding payments and lessons on Test Day must be settled before the test takes place or the car will be forfeited for the
purpose of the test.
*The cancellation OR postponement of a lesson by the pupil, for any reason, which also includes a positive Covid test or isolation, must be made a minimum of 48 Hours before the lesson date by phone or text only , otherwise the full lesson fee is still chargeable and must be paid commencing the start of the next lesson.
*The cancellation of a one week course by the pupil must be at least three weeks prior to the 1st lesson otherwise the full course
fee will payable immediately.
*The cancellation of a lesson due to bad weather will be at the discretion of the instructor. If the pupil decides to cancel the full lesson
fee will be charged.
*if a motoring offence is committed then the Driver is liable for any penalty imposed , such as points on your licence or attending an awareness course. 
*if I, the instructor, deem you unfit to drive before or during your lesson through suspected drink, drugs or fatigue then the lesson will cease immediately and lesson fee will be forfeited.
*if any changes occur to YOUR licence you must inform me immediately in writing, either by text or email.     
 5. Customer Care
Deposits will be refunded based on the discretion of me, the instructor where cancellation falls outside of the specified period
based on lessons agreed upon.
6. The Driving Test
a) Bookings
Driving tests can be booked by you or by me the instructor on your behalf. Driving test bookings always take priority over other lessons.
Therefore, your lesson may be postponed to allow for another pupil's driving test. Changes to lesson bookings as a result of this will
be notified immediately. If you, the pupil are booking your Driving Test you must notify me, the instructor at the time of booking
during the 15 minutes allowed by the DVSA if booked on-line, otherwise, the car cannot be guaranteed to be available for the test.
b) Use of the vehicle
In the interests of pupil and public safety I, the instructor reserves the right to withhold the use of the Driving School car for
the Driving test if, in my opinion, your driving is actually or potentially dangerous.
c) Test cancellation
The DVSA requires three clear working days notice of cancellation or postponement of your Driving test. Failure to provide the
required notice will result in the loss of your test fee. I the instructor cannot be held responsible for any postponement or cancellation
of tests by you or the DVSA.
If a test is cancelled by the DVSA inside the the can cancellation period, you will be required to pay for the test day lesson which you can then reclaim through the DVSA procedure. As an instructor I cannot claim this directly but will provide you with an invoice/receipt for this period.
7. Punctuality
All pupils are advised to be punctual for all lesson appointments. These appointments will be confirmed by text to ensure that mistakes
are avoided. A waiting time of 15 minutes maximum is permitted before the full lesson will be abandoned and the lesson fee forfeited
and become due for payment.  If I, instructor is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, such as extreme traffic or accident then any lesson time lost as a result of this would be made up either at the end of the normal lesson time if possible or at a later date. Any such shortfall will be noted on your file. If any party is late for any reason, that person should make contact via telephone or text immediately or within the 15 minute period.
8. Learner Comfort and Safety
In the interests of comfort and safety, pupils are advised to wear suitable footwear and clothing which does not restrict movement.
You must also make me , the instructor aware of any medication ,new or old you are taking that may affect your ability to drive safely  before starting the lesson. Failure to do may result in cancellation of the lesson.
9. Government or DVSA publicly issued warning/advise
Any ad hoc safety instructions or guidelines issued by The Government or DVSA, at any time will be adhered to immediately and
explained to you, the pupil , at the earliest opportunity on or before your next scheduled lesson.
10. Complaints
In the event of a complaint all efforts must be made to resolve the problem directly with me, the instructor as soon as possible. please follow this link
11. Social Media
Lisa's Auto Learners may from time to time share pupil’s success on social media which may include a photo. No other personal
or sensitive data will be shared. By signing these Terms & Conditions you are agreeing as opting in however this does not apply to any pupil under 18 years old who will be automatically be opted out of the clause only. 
13. Your statutory rights
These terms and conditions will not reduce your statutory rights relating to faulty or incorrectly described goods or services provided.
As the instructor I have a statutory obligation to provide you with goods and services fit for the purpose for which they were purchased
and as described. If you have any doubts about your statutory rights please contact your local Trading Standards Department or
Citizen's Advice Bureau.